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Site updates

Updated the links to Planet Catfish since they were broken. Also updated a few other links on the Links and Equipment pages.


Changed the layout of the site; No more frames. Also, I have shut down aquarium number two after selling off the fish in it. I needed the space and was lacking the time to keep it up in good shape.

I will add some pictures of the fishes in that aquarium as well as some of the other aquarium which partly has a new design. The LDA-9 has grown big and I am trying to take some good pictures of it.


Loricariidae and corydoras links to Planet Catfish updated to reflect their new site structure.

Both aquariums were moved to my new house on July 16th. I was so busy with everything else that I had the plants lying around for ten days. By then most of them were decomposing. I am keeping as much Cryptocoryne balansae as possible and buying new plants to replace the rest.

2003-05-14 -- 2003-05-19

Added pictures of Corydoras sterbai fry (hatched April 27-29).


Added pictures of LDA-33, Corydoras arcuatus, Corydoras panda, Cryptocoryne usteriana, Cryptocoryne cordata, Cryptocoryne parva and Microsorum pteropus "red".

Since the last update my Corydoras sterbai have spawn and I saved 30+ eggs in a smaller tank. Most of them hatched during April 27-29. I change water and clean the bottom of the tank every day (some days twice). The last two days one two fry have been found dead. I have accidentally killed two during cleaning.


Added pictures of Corydoras peru "gold" and corrected an image link. I have rearranged aquarium #2 and will be putting up fresh pictures of both #1 and #2. Added a link on the equipment page. It refers to Hagen's page about the CO2 diffuser I just bought.


New pictures added for Corydoras sterbai, L-183a, L-204, L-260, LDA-31 and LDA-33. All scanned from Fuji Provia 400F slides.

Today I bought some Corega Ultra Tabs made for dentures (!). Not that I have dentures, but BioPlast told me I could use this stuff to clean the CO2 reactor. I'll give it a try and get back here with the results.


I have written a new web page to show pictures in. It has the correct green :-) background color and takes you back to the page from where you came if you click on the image.

Moved seven otocinclus catfish to aquarium 1 because they are the main suspects for the damages on my Echinodorus plants in aquarium 2. They usually don't like Cryptocoryne plants nearly as much as Echinodorus so now I will be able to see if they were the ones eating up the plants without risking damages to aquarium 1.

Some new pictures, mainly on L-204 and L-260, have been added. They are from some slides I shot a week ago. The film is Fujichrome Provia 400F and it was scanned with my Minolta Scan Dual 2. The Provia film is supposed to work well when pushed so I am trying a roll at EI 1600 next.


Sadness. This morning aquarium 2 suffered lack of oxygen and this far I have counted two victims: one L-260 and the L-148. RIP.

The cause was probably the fact that the surface extractor was shut off, the timer for the air pump had reset itself and I had turned the outlet of the 2028 downwards away from the surface.


Bought a second LDA-33 in another shop today. I put it in aquarium number 1. Replaced the Power-Glo with a Philips Aquarelle. I'm really beginning to like that light; and it is quite intense too.


Once again I have changed the name of my Corydoras "punctatus": now they are ambiacus. I think I might be right now.


Aquarium, Loricariidae, Corydoras, equipment and articles pages updated. New pictures of the aquariums, new fishes and a Corydoras sterbai group photo!

New pH, KH, nitrate, iron and EC readings are coming up in the next few days.


The Corydoras sterbai have spawned again.


Since the last update both aquariums now have got CO2 addition. I have removed the Aqualine reactor and now the gas is infused by the high pressure of the 2252 and a diffusor. In the other aquarium I have plugged the false gas outlet of the BioPlast reactor because a lot of CO2 left through it. This problably means the false gases will end up filling the reactor... More to come!

Today I bought five Corydoras pulcher, one L-260, one LDA-33 (snowball) and five Otocinclus.


Updated the equipments and links pages. Prepared the Loricariidae page for the new fishes that have arrived (see below).


Added some pictures of Echinodorus macrophyllus. Today six new loricariidae fishes arrived! Here's a picture showing five of them (L204, L260 and LDA31).


A lot of links on the equipment, aquarium and links pages have been improved or added. Instead of just linking to the main page of the web sites I now link directly to the products whenever possible.

Will I get broken links? Probably, but I myself find it much better to immediately find the information, so this is a service I am going to try to give you. Please report any broken links!