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Links to other sites
Planet Catfish     Very good site with lots of pictures and information about Loricariidae species. Here are the pictures I have sent to them.
Guardians of Catfish     Nordic site about catfishes.
Anette and Klaus Grřnhřj     Danish page with many great pictures!
Pleco World     Nice site with pictures and information about, amongst others, L-066, L-183 and L-204. Articles about breeding.
Corydoras Encyclopedia Large online encyclopedia of Corydoras catfish.
Eheim I use the filters 2226, 2026, 2028, 2252 and the pump 1212 (have three of them).
Hagen I use the AquaClear Powerhead 4000 (this model has been cancelled, here's a link to the US model that runs on 110V but looks the same).
AB Aqualine (bought by Aqua Medic) CO2 equipment. I use their CO2 reactor and bubble counter.
BioPlast CO2 equipment. I use their CO2 regulator (with two manometers), reactor and bubble counter.
Dupla CO2 equipment. I have their CO2 Reaktor 400.
Web shops Belgium, for EC customers. Free shipping for orders above Euro 40. Belgium, for US customers. Free shipping for orders above USD 75. Germany. A lot of products, even more available if you email them (but this is the case for all shops mentioned here). Low prices. In some cases very low prices, if they are correct. I haven't had the chance to try this shop yet. Germany. Huge amount of products at good prices.
Hjortgatans Zoo Sweden. This shop has closed but the web page still contains a lot of useful information in Swedish.
General aquarium links
Linköpings Akvarieförening Site in Swedish.
Zoopet Site in Swedish.
Akvarieguiden Site in Swedish.